Some of the images on this site are available as hand-crafted, artisanal, canvas prints and are available in any size. All print series are limited editions. All prints are made in the USA, from the finest archival materials, under the personal direction and supervision of the artist.

Gary's fine art images are printed directly onto museum quality canvas using high quality Giclée printers and receive a protective UV and scratch resistant laminate in a gloss or matte finish depending on the image. After each print is approved, it is then numbered and signed.

All prints include a folio featuring a hand-signed thank-you note from the artist, a certificate of authenticity, an artist statement, a limited lifetime guarantee, care instructions, display suggestions, and a pair of white, lint-free, gloves for safe print handling. Not all images on this site are available as prints.*

Please call 425.681.5083 to find out if your favorite images are available. Prices start at $600 per signed and numbered canvas. Prices are primarily governed by scarcity and shipping costs. Size is a very minor component in pricing other than how it impacts shipping. Very large prints may incur significant shipping costs since they must be sent via motor freight.

**Some editions of the images displayed on this site are sold out. In very rare cases, there may be an artist's proof available which will simply contain the artist's initials. No more than six artist's proofs are available of any one image in compliance with state law.
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